Trong Nguyen, Real Estate Agent

Thank you for taking the time to reading this section. I started this life journey in Vietnam where I was born and where I lived with my parents for almost five years. My parents decided to leave their home country to start a new life in Canada. They settled down in the most beautiful place in Canada, the Okanagan Valley. It was in Kelowna, the largest City in the Okanagan, where I grew up with my two younger brothers and this is where I met my future spouse. I moved south to the vibrant City of Penticton where I married my wife, Diane. A number of years later my wife and I had our two kids, Emily and Aiden.

My work journey started with many retail outlets but my career began in the banking industry with Royal Bank of Canada and later on Bank of Montreal where I spent almost five years. I departed from the bank to try my hands at a Notary office and learn the back end of real estate. This is where I gained knowledge of land transfers and mortgage registrations. Eventually, I left the Notary office and became a mortgage broker and this experience gave me an invaluable insight into underwriting loans,  mortgages and peoples’ finances. While I was a mortgage broker I felt I could provide honest, reliable and professional advice to buyers/sellers and that I could truly make a difference to those that wanted to buy or sell a home. I decided to make the move to being a Realtor after my youngest brother in Kelowna became a Realtor a few years earlier.

Buying or selling a home can be stressful, tiring and overwhelming. I fully understand this and so my primary mission is to ensure my clients have as smooth of a transaction as possible. To do this, I believe going above and beyond each and every step is essential to ensure I accomplish my mission. My secondary mission is to build a relationship with all of my potential and current clients. I view all my clients as good friends and as such will do whatever it takes to help them out.

I am grateful and blessed to be able to live in a wonderful City and assist my friends in buying or selling their homes. If you or anyone else you know are interested in moving forward with buying or selling please consider my services.


Your Home. My Mission.